“WTH Int'l Trademark Firm” regularly assists domestic and foreign clients in Taiwan and globally with:

◆   Pre-filing advice and trademark searches
◆   Prosecuting and maintaining trademark rights
◆   Preparing, negotiating, and recording trademark assignments and licenses
◆   Conducting investigation and advising on the validity of competitor's trademark registrations
◆   Conducting trademark opposition, invalidation, and revocation proceedings as well as administrative remedies
◆   Infringement advice
◆   Trademark portfolio management
◆   IP consulting
◆   Watch and Monitoring Services for trademarks
◆   Filing a complaint or an application for advice protection to Customs
◆   Patent Annuities
◆   Domain name registration


■ 台灣及各國商標申請前諮詢和檢索;
■ 台灣及各國商標申請和維護;
■ 台灣及各國商標移轉和授權準備、協商和登記;
■ 對競爭對手商標註冊的有效性調查和建議;
■ 台灣及各國商標異議、評定、廢止及行政救濟程序;
■ 侵權諮詢;               
■ 商標管理;
■ 智慧財產權相關諮詢;          
■ 商標監控服務;
■ 海關檢舉及提示申請;          
■ 專利年費;
■ 域名註冊;

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